Rylee DIckinson is a girl on the GO

We have been watching one youth in our community grow into an superior citizen. She has worked in church, school groups and performed in dance recitals. Rylee Dickinson  has a full schedule of activities and we wanted to tell you about a few. 
She just cometed in district project achievement(dpa) this weekend. This 4H sponsored event features middle and high school students competing in  projects on topics of their choice. This year Rylee's  was food safety and preservation. Others included crafts and target sports and work force prep. 
Rylee also ran for northeast district  4H senior board. She was elected and that means that she  will get to help plan and run 4-h events throughout the entire year. Her brother Bailey was a member of the 4H State Board also. 
Yesterday she went to Ag day the Capitol in Atlanta. There  she met with state Senator John Wilkinson. Since they were not in session he let Rilee and other 4Hers down on the floor! Rylee took Sen. Wilkinsons seat for a moment. They viewed looked the exhibits in the Capitol featured in the rotunda area. The group then went to sample food at the show and saw 4-hers from all across the state.
Rylee is the daughter of Shawna and the late ( AND ALWAYS GREAT)  Dwayne Dickinson.
We are proud of Rylee and the way she represents our town!

K & H Farms

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Forrest Carman serves as page

Susan Spratlin Carman's photo.

Forrest Carman served as a page for Representative Dan Gasaway yesterday. Forrest is the son of Ed and Susan Spratlin Carman.

Miss SCHS Winners


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